Meet the cast of Riverdale

Riverdale is THE new show on tv. Now Pretty Little Liars, has almost come to its end, it’s time to have a new high school show. And yes people, it’s Riverdale. So I think it’s a good time to finally meet these great young actors.

At first I didn’t really wanted to watch this show, but to be honest. After Pretty Little Liars finally revealed who A was, I was done with that it. I couldn’t make myself watch it till the end. I watched a few more episodes, but the makers of this serie just couldn’t make an end to it. When I heard about this show, I thought it sounded a bit like Pretty Little Liars. Someone was murdered and they didn’t know who did it. Literally everyone could be the murderer (well, ok, not everyone of course). But after I heard my sisters and my friends get all excited about this show, I thought I could at least give it a shot.

To be honest, it’s a bit weird sometimes, but I like it anyway. There are some badass girls and some super hot guys.

After I watched the first three episodes of this show, I wanted to know more about these characters. Some I already knew (hint: Zack & Cody), but others I absolutely didn’t know. So while I figured out some more about these actors, I thought: why not share this with you guys?

So here they are:


K.J. Apa aka Archie Andrews

To be honest, Archie Andrews isn’t my favorite character. I can’t explain why. He’s hot yes, but he’s also… No, I can’t say that, that’s a spoiler. And I was just: why do you have to do that? And I think that’s when I stopped liking him.

Anyway, K.J. Apa is a handsome young guy of 19 years old (yes, he’s only 2 years older than I am). His father is Samoan (apparently it’s a country, but is it really bad I didn’t know this?) and his mother is from New Zeeland, where he grew up in Auckland, New Zeeland.

K.J.’s the youngest of three children. He has two older sisters.

In real life he also plays the guitar (and the piano) and he also sings. At the age of 14 he even recorded a solo album. Also he used the play out on the street corner in Auckland, just away from his house.

His first role was in 2015 in a soap in New Zeeland, called Shortland Street. After that he got some more rolls, but Riverdale is his real breakthrough.

Furthermore the internet doesn’t really say something about him. Maybe when he gets more famous, we’ll get to know more about him.


Lili Reinhart aka Betty Cooper

I really like her character. She’s a normal teen, who loves writing and who isn’t a bitch. Ok, she’s not just a normal teen, because there’re some weird things going on with her sister.

Did you know that she’s older than K.J. Apa? Yes, she’s 20 years old (more than a year older dan K.J.). Lili is raised in Cleveland (Ohio), where she met her first agent at the age of 11. So once a month she travelled from Ohio to New York for auditions. In 2011 she met her current manager and she switched agents.

Lili also took dancing lessons for 10 years and she featured in many local musicals. I would’ve loved to see some of these musicals with her in it. Unfortunately I’m not from Cleveland (not even from the USA).

Lili played in more films than K.J. Apa, but to be honest, I’ve never seen her on television before.

Camila Mendes aka Veronica Lodge

The minute I saw her on Riverdale, I thought I recognized her, but after a quick look on IMDB, I figured out that this was her first role… She must look like someone else then.

Just sit back for a moment and look at her. Sorry, but isn’t she so beautiful? Yes, I really like her on the show. Once she was the bitch, but now she’s trying to be better. It’s great to see that.

But Camila might be one of the oldest high school students in Riverdale, because she’s already 22 years old and in June she’s turning 23 years old. Also Camila is half Brazilian and that’s why she speaks fluently Portuguese (cool, right?).

Camila has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University. Beautiful and smart. How’s that even possible? But Camila didn’t stop there. She also attended Stonestreet Film Acting Conservatory for two semesters.




Cole Sprouse aka Jughead Jones

Here he is! Cody from Zack & Cody! Oh boy, it’s great to see him again. I’ve missed him. I remember watching every episode of Zack & Cody and I loved it so much! Yes, I was really excited when I found out he starred in this show. (And yes, he’s my favorite character…)

Well and apparently I was wrong. He might be the oldest high school student on the show, because he’s 24 years old. Yes, he’s already 24! Can you believe it? No, I can’t… I still picture him as this sweet little boy form Zack & Cody.

But first one other thing… Who calls his son Jughead? (Sorry to all of the boys in this world. But don’t be offended, I’m not saying I don’t like this name. On the other hand, I love his name, because it’s so original. It only took me a while to figure out that this was his real name.) The first time Archie called him Jughead, I thought this was some sort of nickname… Apparently not…

Well, there’s no need to tell you he has a brother (called Dylan) and that they both starred in this show called Zack & Cody. Yeah, shocking news, right?

I really think the shocking news was when he turned out the be already 24 years old. Sorry, but I just can’t believe it. How old was he on Zack & Cody? (11 years old, I just checked)

Well, but it turns out that I don’t really know anything about this guy, because apparently he’s born in Italy. Ok, yes, their parents were American. Oh and did you know that Cole is 15 minutes younger than his brother Dylan? Well, now you know. Their parents moved back to the USA 4 months after their birth, because they began acting at the age of 6 months old.

But after Zack & Cody Cole decided to focus on his education (and yes, there’s another smart and handsome character here). He attended University at NYU and graduated with honors.

Even though Cole looks very handsome on this picture, he also seems to be a travel and fashion photographer. But he’s not just a photographer, he’s also a writer! Together with his brother and someone called Kevin Ryan he’s written a book called The Betrayel. I’m not really sure who Kevin Ryan must be, because the internet tells me that he’s 84 years old. Anyway the books seems some sort of fantasy book, so maybe one day I’ll read it. I’ll let you know when I do.



Madelaine Petsch aka Cheryl Blossom

Just look at her hair! How gorgeous!

Yes, K.J. is the youngest of the high school students at Riverdale, because this beautiful lady is also 22 years old.

The internet doesn’t really tell me something about her yet. I’ve figured out that she’s been in two other movies before, The Curse of the Sleeping Beauty and The Hive, but I think this role in Riverdale might be her breakthrough.

The only other thing I can find about her, is that she’s a brother called Shaun. I mean, the internet can’t even tell me where she’s from! I really hope we can get to know her better soon, because I’d love to know more about her.


All these characters on the show are great. Sorry, I still think Archie is a bit weird, but I think I can get used to him. I really love the other characters. Betty is this sweet girl. Veronica was the bitch once, but she’s trying to change and that’s the thing I like about her so much. Jughead is the writer, that says enough. And Cheryl’s the bitch, but we’ve already seen that she can also be nice.

I’m very curious what will become of this show. I’ll get you keep updated if I found out more about these people. But first we need to wait another week for another episode.


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