Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party



Awhile ago, a friend of mine was crazy about this show, so she insisted that I had to watch it… And what did I do? Yes, I watched it. And did I like it? No, I LOVED it.

Some of you may know the Murder Mystery game. It’s a game that reminds me of Cluedo. Many play this while giving a party and people are given cards with a character sketch on it. For the night you have to be that character, but then someone is murdered and someone within the group is the murderer. You just don’t know who and you have to figure it out.

Maybe you think that you’ve seen this before and yes, that’s possible. In The Big Bang Theory Rajesh hosts a Murder Mystery dinner:

My explanation of this game might be a bit vague… But anyway, about a year ago a brother and a sister (Sean and Sinead Persaud) started a project by crowdfunding. They wanted to host a Murder Mystery Dinner Party show on YouTube. The famous Edgar Allan Poe and his dead sister Lenore would be the hosts and many famous English (and Russian) writers would come to this party.

Edgar Allan Poe holds this Murder Mystery Dinner Party to impress the beautiful girl Annabelle Lee, but the party goes terribly wrong… Everyone is slaughtered, one by one… But who is the murderer?

Here’s the trailer for you guys:

I didn’t really think I would like this show, but the minute I started, I had to watch it till the end. The writers were performed great. I loved every single one of them. I think everyone should watch this show. Yes, some authors I didn’t know, but one day I hope I’ve read a book of them all.

Oh and I just found this fact on the internet: the dress Lenore (the dead sister of Edgar Allan Poe) wears is also the dress Jennifer Aniston wore on the pilot of Friends! Cool right?

Who did you think the murderer was? I certainly had my suspicions, but unfortunately I’m not really a good detective. But maybe I didn’t get it, because it was already 1 am. Yes, don’t blame me, I wanted to finish this show before I got to sleep. And yes, I regretted that decision the next day at school.

Anyway, I think it’s a show anyone should give this show a shot. I thought it was really good. I actually think I’m going to watch this show again, just if I can see now who the murderer is.

So let me know if you’ve watched this show. Also let me know what you thought of it!


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