Doctor Strange (2016) review



Benedit Cumberbatch meets Marvel, what can there go wrong?

Well, let me tell you the answer: absolutely nothing

We all know Benedict Cumberbatch. He was great as Sherlock Holmes, but I also loved him in The Imitation Game. Oh and let’s just not forget The Hobbit. No one could have been a better dragon.

I really love Marvel. I certainly do, but I really need to watch all the movies again, because it’s just too confusing for me. I never really watched the Marvel movies in the correct order, but I really think I should, because there’re some things I don’t get any more. Or I just need to think about it for like a hour and then it comes back again.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’ll certainly need to watch everything again before I see Infinity War. 

This movie was a bit confusing for me, but the reason why, could be that I was tired or that my parents talked the whole time. Really, why did they do that? I don’t even remember anymore. Something was going on around here…

Anyway, the fact that this movie was a bit confusing for me, didn’t mean I didn’t like this movie. No, on the contrary, I loved this movie. Sorry, but the main thing I love about these movies are the special effects and I don’t know how this’s possible, but the special effects are getting better and better after every movie Marvel makes.

Benedict Cumberbatch really played his role very well. He portrayed this narcissist just great. Eventually it’s obvious he changes. Yes, it seems like Benedict Cumberbatch is just fit to play every role he gets, right?

I personally think the story develops very well. It starts with Doctor Strange, showing the audience who he really is and there’s this thing that happens and his whole life changes. But this “thing” (no, I’m not saying what happens. That might be a spoiler), shows us that Doctor Strange’s even a more terrible person than we first thought. And eventually another thing happens (yes, a lot of things happen) and his whole life changes. He learns to appreciate what he had and he starts to regret things he’d done. The narcissist doesn’t really disappear, but it gets away from the surface at least.

But the humor in the Marvel films is always great. Just look at this:


Sorry, I just loved that scene.

I thought it was a great movie, but I really think that you should’ve seen the last movies to really get it. Of course, you can watch it without having seen the other movies, but that’s up to you. I’m not sure how much you’ll get then, but that will at least be your own choice.

Oh and did you spot Stan Lee? Because I did ^^ Every Marvel movie we watch, we get all excited, when we finally spot him. For those who don’t know Stan Lee:

Stan Lee is one of the writers of Marvel Comics. Yes, the comics, not the movies. He created these superheroes and the villains. And just like Marvel he has this great sense of humor, because you can spot him in every Marvel movie there is. Just check it out:

Doctor Strange isn’t in here yet, so I guess you have to figure this out on your own.

Anyway, let me know about you opinion about this movie.


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