The One Memory Of Flora Banks – Emily Barr


Flora Banks has amnesia. Every few hours she loses her memory. But one day she kisses a boy on the beach.

And next day…

She remembers it…

I probably bought this book because of the cover. Just admit it, the cover is so beautiful! Flora lives with notes. Everything she does, she writes on notes and that’s how she can manage to live after another memory losse. ¬†That concept is just great.

But then she kisses a boy and she remembers it.

Oh seriously, can it be any more of a cliché?

Why a boy?

Why couldn’t there have been something else she remembered? Like a murder… Or at least a kiss with a girl. I don’t know.

Ok, I get it. It suits the story perfectly well, because everything happens, because of this kiss and her remembering it.

Besides from the kiss, I thought it was a pretty impressing book. Emily writes like we look through Flora’s eyes. She loses her memory for another time and we also need to read everything again, like we’ve lost our memory. We read how she reads her notes and how she’s so confused. In the end, you’re not really sure if you can trust her, because you know that there’s been things happening while you weren’t really there. So eventually you’re not really sure you can trust Flora. And I personally think that’s something Emily Barr has done just great.

But sometimes the writing style made me a bit tired, because it was so childish. I know it’s supposed to be this way, because Flora lost her memory when she was ten and after every memory loss, she needs to reassure herself that she’s seventeen instead of ten.

On the contrary I loved Flora’s personality. She’s a explorer, she wants to see the world and absolutely nothing’s stopping her. Not even her amnesia. It’s really encouraging, because if amnesia isn’t a real reason to just sit at home and do nothing, then’s nothing a good reason. Just go out there and discover the world.

Oh and don’t forget…

Be brave…



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