My Favorite Eurovision Song Contest Songs!

Since a few years, my family and I are watching the Eurovision Song Contest (well, except my father, he hates it). So tonight there’s the grand finale and we all have our favorites. Most people think Italy or Portugal will win, but personally they aren’t my favorites. So because I have a different taste than most of you guys, I thought: Well, why won’t I share my favorites with you?

To be honest, I wanted to do a top 5, but I didn’t know which country I had to put in the fifth place, so that’s why it’s just a top 4. Sorry guys.

But don’t be sad! Here they are!

  1. Croatia
    To be honest, this song is my favorite! This song is so original and he sings it with such deep passion. I also have a lot respect for this Jacques (the singer), because I can imagine it’s not easy to sing like this. And every time I hear this, I’m like: How do you do this? It’s just amazing. This guy has talent. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, please do right now.

  2. The Netherlands
    Yeah, maybe this isn’t really fair, because I’m dutch, but I really do think this song is amazing. I’m not saying it has a chance on winning. To be honest, I don’t even think they make a chance, but I’ve listened to this song multiple times and I just love it. It’s a original song, with different sounds. Besides, these sisters sound perfect together. But above all, I really love the background story.
    This song is written by their father for their mother. Their mother has a rare type of bone cancer and unfortunately it’s untreatable.
    So in the first place, their mother would obviously stay in the Netherlands, because traveling would just be too much for her. But then she suddenly surprised the girls in Kyiv yesterday and it was so beautiful…
    Well anyway, I’ve put the link below and I hope you love it as much as I do. (personally I do hope they win of course)

  3. France
    I don’t really know, but I personally think this song is really beautiful. Obviously I have no idea what she’s singing (for half of the time). But I don’t really know. This song has a great rhythm and her voice is amazing. I’m very sorry, guys, I just can’t really explain why I like this song so much. I guess it’s just a feeling.
    Anyway, you can listen it here below.

  4. Bulgaria
    At first I wasn’t really a fan of this song, but I’ve listened more to this song, I kind of began to like it. For a young boy (he’s even younger than I am!) he has a really good voice. Besides, I really like there’s a change in the song so now and then. It really makes it special. So yeah, I liked it, even though I was at first like: nehh.

Many people think that Italy or Portugal will win, but personally they aren’t my favorites. Yes, the songs are good, but they’re not really special. Especially Portugal, in my opinion.

Portugal’s song is beautiful, but for me it’s some sort of song I would probably fall asleep with. It’s too slow for me. And of course that boy has gone through a lot and I know it’s a very personal song and yes, I do think that that’s very beautiful and great, but for me this is just not the best song in the contest.

The moment everyone agrees on the winner, I’m always like: no, they shouldn’t win (I’m more a fan of the underdogs). So when everyone said that probably Italy would win, I listened the song and maybe this influenced my opinion, but still…  Okay, you no what? Yes, it’s a good song. Right now I’m writing this and I’m listening to the song of Italy and yes, I understand why most people like it. It’s a very happy song, with a great rhythm and yes, his voice is kind of perfect for this kind of song (even though I first hated his voice…).

How weird is that first you don’t really like a song, but then you start to listen to it more and more and suddenly you like it more.

Yeah, maybe this song should’ve been in my list, but anyway, it’s still here. I’m not saying this song should win, but I understand why it’s on number one everyone’s list. Anyway, here it is. Feel free to listen to it 😉

And the last song I’ll discuss with you is Belgium. Sorry guys, I just don’t understand why most people like this song… I know the people of Belgium are our friends and I should actually defend them, but I just can’t.

I won’t deny it, but this song could have been better. When she sings I have things feeling that she almost sings out of tune every time. Besides, I think there should have been a bit more variation in her voice. Maybe I sound really harsh right now and don’t get me wrong, I do like the song, but I think it just could have been better. But maybe tonight she surprises me and personally I really hope she does, because this song can be absolutely beautiful.

So that was it for tonight. Over a bit more than an hour, the finale will start… But until then, I’ll have to learn a little bit more (yes, my exams are these weeks. That’s why I haven’t been able to post much…. I’m so sorry, but I really want to graduate school…). So have a good night! Tell me which song is your favorite!


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